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  Ship Model Restorations


An opportunity to restore a number of  ship models was made available to me over the past few years and I find them very interesting and challenging to do.  Some of these models were part of a larger sets that were made available to members of the Metro Marine Modelers Club with the wish that they be restored and enjoyed by anyone wanting them.  Others were models the owner wanted restored for display in their own homes.  In all cases the models were in very bad shape.  They were covered in dust, sails were torn, masts and yards broken and hulls damaged. Some were built 60 years ago and stored in a basement for years or had been knocked over and damaged.

In all cases the rigging and sails had to be replaced as over time the structural integrity of the material deteriorates causing them to tear or just come apart.

In most cases these models have a significant amount of historic value to the owner.  They may have been built by a father or grandfather or purchased by a family member long ago.  In order to preserve the model's historic appearance I make an effort to retain the physical structure of the model where ever possible then replace deck fittings, rigging and sails to depict the ship as it was at launch.

To see pictures and information about the models before, during and after restoration click on the buttons to the left.