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Carrie Reed Restoration

Carrie Reed.

This model has a lot of historic significant for the family who owns it.  Over the years significant damage had been done to the rigging and they wanted that restored but the hull and other features left as they were.


Profile of un-restored model.


Damaged rigging.


Damaged rigging on Foremast and Bowsprit.


Deck Amidships.  Lashing between deadeyes was rotten and broken in many places.


Foredeck.  Railings, inner Bowsprit and booms to support anchors and rigging broken.


Rear deck.  Main boom sheets unhooked and in need of replacing.  Booms to support rigging broken or missing.


Profile of restored model.


Restored rigging.  Lifts were added to all yards to keep the yards horizontal.


Foredeck with new railings, booms and inner Bowsprit.


Rear deck with new main boom sheets, booms and lashing for shroud deadeyes.  Ships boats hung from davits.