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Bluenose I Restoration

Bluenose I

I built a model of the Bluenose I around 1969 from a Billings kit.  Since that time my knowledge of ships and modeling techniques has increased significantly which let me to the decision to strip the Bluenose down to the decks and recreate the deck fittings and rigging with the objective of adding more detail and accuracy so the model better represented the actual ship.

Original model


After removing all of the rigging and deck fittings I discovered that the masts were not in the correct position and were raked forward rather than back.  To correct this meant that the masts had to be removed and the deck replanked.

The reference used in this restoration is a book titled "Bluenose II, Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners, Measured Drawings by L. B.  Jenson".  The Bluenose II was built to be a replica of the one built in 1921 but had to include a number of additional items or features now required by Transport Canada.  The book covers both versions of the ship.


Foredeck replanked and aft deck as provided in the kit.

The following pictures are of the model showing completed components

Cabin, compass and Helm.

Chains with deadeyes.


Foredeck showing windless.

Components that make up the windless and it's drive.  All of these components were machined on my lathe and milling machine.

Dories mounted on the deck.  The dory at the top of the stack are fitted ready to be put in the sea.  They contain sails, oars, compass, bait bucket (complete with squid) and crank for pulling in the fishing line.

Dory equipment.  The bait bucket is 12 sided.  The compass is 3/16" square.

Dory main sail.

Pictures of finished model.  April 4, 2013



Fore Topmast head.


Main Topmast head.


Head of Main mast.


Head of Fore mast.


Deck at bow.  Starboard side.


Deck at bow.  Port side

Deck amidships.



Deck at stern.



Main gaff throat halyards.