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HMS Bounty

This model of the Bounty was donated to our club by an estate with the intent that it would be completed and
a new home found for it.  It was built from an Artesania Latina kit and was almost completed by the original
modeler.  The hull was finished with planking on the port side and the starboard side left open so the interior
was visible.  All of the interior and external fittings as well as the yards and sails were done but most not yet

The three pictures below show the model as it was when donated to us.


Profile of the model.


The upper deck.


The exposed interior decks.


June 17, 2022

This model is now complete.  Once it is in a protective display case I will be looking for a permanent home
for it.


Port profile


Starboard profile.  An interesting feature of the model is that the starboard side is not planked making the
ship's interior visible.


The stern.


The ship's galley.  This stove would have been used to prepare meals for the entire crew.


The rear deck.


The fore deck.


The bow and it's figure head.