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   Burmese Junk Restoration

Burmese Junk

The model I chose to restore from a set of models donated to our club and keep myself was the Burmese Junk because it was unique and intrigued me.  In this case some research is required to identify the vessel type and get pictures of ones similar to it due to the amount of damage it suffered.  I know it is of Burmese origin but little else.

As you can see from the "before" pictures the model was in extremely bad shape due to age.  The hull was split into three pieces, decking was warped, the mast was broken and the sails and rigging were rotten.

This image is from a book titled "Sailing Ships and Their Story" by B. Keble Chatterton published in 1909 by Sedgwick & Jackson Ltd. of London.  It depicts a junk very similar to the model I have.


The restored Burmese Junk model.


View of the aft decks and cabin after restoration.