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Frigata Espanol

This model belonged to a former member of our marine modelers club and when his estate asked us to help find new homes for all of his models I decided this was a model I wanted in my collection so purchased it from the estate.  On inspection I discovered that because of the age of the model all of the rigging and sails had lost their structural integrity.  Also, most of the fittings and decorations which were made of plastic crumbled when handled.  As a result all of these things had to be replaced.


The model as it looked when I purchased it.


In this image the restorations to the hull, masts and yards are complete.  All of the rigging lines are fastened to
their point of origin and waiting to be belayed.


February 2019.

Restoration of the model is complete.  This is the most complex rigging I have done due to the number of sails
and lines required to support each of them.

Profile of the model.


Aft and middle decks.


Gratings on the main deck.


Fore deck.  You can see here some of the standing and running rigging coming down to the deck.


The bow with the windless and belfry.


The lower sails were folded up to allow the deck fittings to be viewed.