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   Spanish Brigantine Restoration

Spanish Brigantine

A fellow member of the Metro Marine Modellers Club asked me to restore this model for him.  It was purchased in Spain many years ago by his father and brought to Toronto.   His family has a lot of meaningful memories related to this model and to have it restored to it's original condition meant a lot.

The rigging had degraded to the point that it would break even under a minimal amount of pressure.  This along with a fall from a shelf, caused by the family cat, resulted in the damage you see below.

The objective of the restoration was to bring the model as near as possible to the way it was at time of purchase.  As a result the hull was not repainted or refinished in any way.  The decks were covered with a layer of dust and grime so were scraped clean and refinished as were the deck fittings.  The broken bowsprit, jib boom and upper yards were replaced with new ones.  All rigging was removed and replaced.

Rigging and decks of damaged brigantine.


Damage at the bow.


This was the state of the decks.


With the decks refinished, deck fittings replaced and new standing rigging.


Restored bowsprit


Refinished decks, Foremast shrouds and backstays


Complete Brigantine