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Clyde Steamer

I was asked by the owner of this model and grandson of the original builder to restore it. 
Because of the history of the model there is a significant amount of personal and sentimental
value to it.

As can be seen in the pictures below time has taken it's toll.  The hull paint was faded and
cracked so had to the stripped off and redone.  The finish on the decks was impregnated
with dirt and grim so it also had to be removed and the redone.  Railings around the main
deck were missing and those round the wheel house were twisted beyond repair.  Many
deck fittings needed to be refinished or recreated.



April 21, 2023

At this point the hull has been stripped of paint, deck fittings removed, decks replanked and
railings replaced on the wheel house.  The next steps will be to paint the hull in it's original
colours then add the windows and replace the deck fittings.


Profile of the model.


Deck and top of the wheel house.


June 14 2023

The restoration of this Clyde Steamer is now complete.


Profile of the steamer.  The hull is painted with acrylic paints then a coat of clear coat applied to seal it.


Middle deck.





Aft deck.