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HMS Terror

The HMS Terror and HMS Erebus were the two ship the British Navy sent out in 1845 to find the Northwest Passage across the Arctic with the objective of having a shorter trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  This expedition was and is best known as the Franklin Expedition. 

The ships were almost identical and had been involved with explorations previously.  For the Franklin Expedition a number of changes were made. 

  • A steam locomotive was installed to drive a propeller which was to be used in calm conditions or to help maneuver through ice flows.
  • Additional framing and iron braces were added to provide protection from the ice.
  • Additional heavy planking was added to the exterior as protection from the ice.



The model

To prepare for this model I obtained plans for both the Erebus and the Terror from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.  The much research was done to gather more information and details about the ships.  It turned out the there was more information in books and on the Internet about the Terror so I decided to model it.


October 16, 2023

Keel, stem and stern posts mounted on the building board.  The keelson and other timber laying
on the board will be installed after the frames are in place.

January 30/24

The framing of the model is now in place.  Next comes the inner and outer planking.


View of the models framing from the front quarter.


View from the rear quarter.


Framing interior looking towards the bow.  The upper three beams running the length of the model
will support the deck beams for the upper, lower and orlop desks.  The three lower beams
running across the frames will be the seats for the hold planking.  There will be two layers
of planking here placed at 45 degrees to the keel and 90 degrees to each other.  This
planking arrangement added strength to the hull.



Framing interior looking aft.  Note the hole in the bulkhead.  It is for the shaft that will
connect the propeller to the steam engine.