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Royal Mail Coaches, like this one, were used in England in the late 1700s to the mid 1800s to transport
mail between major cities.  When I saw a picture of it I was impressed with the design and construction. 
The outcome of that was my need to model one of them.


The model was started in July of 2022.   It is at a scale of 1:96 and constructed of boxwood and brass.

As with other wheeled models I have done the wheels were created first as they are often the most complex
components of the model due to the number of components and angles involved.

After the wheels were complete the undercarriage was built.

September 22, 2022

The following images show the model with completed wheels and undercarriage.

The rear wheel.  The rims are made up of seven triangular segments that are pinned and glued together then
machined to the shape of the rim.  The spokes are pinned and glued into the hub then a pin is inserted through
the rim into the outer end of the spoke.  The iron tire is a brass ring cut to the length of the rim's circumference
and the ends silver soldered together.


The front wheel, seen here, is constructed in the same manner as the rear wheels except that the rim is made up
of six segments.


View of the rear axle.  The wooden axle is reinforced by metal plates above and below it and these parts are held
together by the clamps.


The front axle and main draw bar to which the horse's harnesses are attached.


Upper view of the front axle.  Harnesses of the rear pair of horses are connected to the pins attached to the top
of the draw bar  The front horses are connected to a long bar that is attached in the wedge shaped opening seen
here and held in place by a pin which is located by the black leather strap.


Top down view of the full undercarriage.


Another view of the undercarriage.


These are the leaf springs that will support the coach on the undercarriage.  The shorter ones will be clamped
to the axles next to each wheel.  The longer ones will be fastened across the under side of the coach and connected
to the axle springs by the "U" shaped pieces at the end of each spring.