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Bluenose modeled by Eugene LeClerc.

This model of the Bluenose was created by Eugene LeClerc a renowned Quebec model builder.  It was build as the creator's
image of the Bluenose and therefore not a true representation of the boat.  But, that said, this model is a unique and exquisite
piece of work that deserves to be restored and kept for future generations to enjoy.

The focus of the restoration was to maintain the character of the model as it was created by Leclerc.

Due to the age of the model all of the rigging lines had lost their integrity so had no strength left.  This image shows
the model after all of the old rigging was removed.


View of the foredeck.  The model had not been in a protective case so is covered with dust and debris.


View of the rear deck prior to restoration.


July 10, 2018

Profile view of the restored model.


Amidships showing the shrouds, back stays and ship's boat.


View of the bow showing anchors and fore stays.


Rear deck.


Rigging at the lower mast tops and gaffs.