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HMS Victory Restoration

January 25, 2023

I was given this partially completed model of the HMS Victory from an estate.  The hull was completed but damaged in many places so will require some repairs.  The rigging had been started.  The standing rigging lines installed were natural coloured rope and there were a number of other things I felt were incorrect so all of the existing rigging would have to be removed and recreated. 

The portion of the hull below the water line on the original ship was covered in copper which over time would develop a green patina.  In the case of this model this portion of the hull was painted a green that I did not feel was a pleasing colour so it would have to be repainted copper and weathered to show some hint of green patina.

The upper masts were broken off and will have to be replaced.

Profile of the model as I got it.   Some of the rigging had already been removed.


View of the waist in the upper deck.  Here we can see some of the damage to it and the layer of dust covering it.


August 15, 2023

The restoration of this model is complete.

Profile of the model.


Foredeck and waist.


Quarter deck.


Rigging on the Foremast.