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The Radio Controlled Nancy

The idea of creating a radio controlled model of the Nancy which had the capability of  using wind in her sails to move her along was intriguing to me.  The plans used were the set created for the initial fully detailed model but this model does not have the integrate details and authentic construction techniques used on the original.


The framing completed and fared on the exterior.  The top row of planking is fixed to provide rigidity and shape to the upper portion of the frames.


Bottom of hull with planking installed and sealed.

Profile of planked hull.

Two parts of the hull separated at the lower edge of the wale.   The large amount of rigging and fittings on the deck does not allow for any portion of the deck forward of the Quarterdeck to be removed.  As a result the model is made in two pieces to allow access to fittings below the deck.  The Quarterdeck will be removable to allow easy access to the aft portion of the hull.

View of the decks with all fittings and belaying points fixed in place.  The model is now ready for masts yards and rigging.


The bow with figurehead and anchor.




Aft end of Main deck and forward part of Quarterdeck

Main deck showing ship's boat, windless, guns and other fittings.


Rigging complete and ready for sails.   Sheets and other lines will be make fast after sails are installed.


Main deck




Click on the thumbnail to see a high resolution image.

Images of the completed Nancy.

This model of the HM Schooner Nancy was completed September 28, 2009 and successfully sailed using her sails as  the means of propulsion on September 29.

The false keel provides stability in the water.   A rudder extension (not mounted in these pictures) is fastened to the regular rudder to provide sufficient control over her heading.  The propeller provides a means of moving the ship when there is no wind or when she has to be moved to a location which cannot be reached using the sailing skills of the helmsman. The false keel, rudder extension and prop can be removed when the model is being displayed for viewing. 


The bow and Jib Sails.


Fore masthead, Topmast and Top Gallant mast.


Click on the images above to get a high resolution image.

Inaugural launch,  September 15, 2009

Click here to see a video of the Nancy sailing on inaugural voyage.

Second voyage.  September 24, 2009

Video 1 and 2 of this voyage.