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Hull and Decks

On October 9, 2006 planking of the Port side of the hull was completed.  It is finished with three coats of Sanding Sealer.  The Starboard side of the hull will not be planked so that the framing is visible.



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On December 7, 2006 the interior ceiling and bulwark planking was complete.  The cabin deck and forward platform, where the crew's bunks would most likely have been located, are completed with deck planking.  Deck beams for the Main deck and Quarter deck are fitted but not yet fastened in place.

The planking of the model is now complete.  The starboard side will not be planked to allow display of the framing structure of the ship.


View of the interior ceiling and bulwark planking as well as the cabin and forward platform decks.  The thicker planking just above the planked decks is called "Thick Stuff".  It is used to provide extra strength to the hull.  Just below the gun ports you can see the Waterway which channeled water from the deck to the Scuppers (black squares) which allowed the water to drain out the side of the ship.


Main Deck and Quarter Deck beams in place.


View of the Forward Platform Deck.  The square hole in the keelson is the step for the Foremast.  The square hole in the deck is  for the pillars supporting the Bowsprit step.  The pillars supporting the windless will seat in the hole in the ceiling.

Planked Cabin Deck.


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Profile of hull

Deck showing main hatch and companionway into the cabin.





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Pictures taken October 18, 2007

Since the last pictures the figurehead, the ships boat, the anchor, two 24 pound carronades and one six pound long gun have been completed and mounted on the ship.  The standing rigging of the bowsprit and jibboom is complete.

Bow with anchor and figurehead.

Quarter deck

Main deck with ship's boat and guns

Quarter deck.   

Looking forward to the bow.


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