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Upper Deck

The upper deck was armed with long 12 pound guns.  It also contained Admiral Lord Nelson's, quarters.

This picture shows Lord Nelson's day cabin, at the stern, his dining cabin and, next to the mizzen mast, his sleeping cabin.

The wheel, here, is suspended from the poop deck beam to keep tension on the tiller ropes until the quarter deck is installed and the wheel set into its final location.  The tiller rope can be seen going down through the upper deck.

The framing in the lower right of the picture is for the quarter galleries.  These served as washroom and head (toilet) facilities for the officers of the ship.  The stern assembly, to the right of the picture is removable on the model to allow access to the interior of the upper decks.

Lord Nelson slept in a cot suspended from the deck beams.  Lady Hamilton embroidered the covers around and over his cot.


In this view we see the beams used to support the Quarter deck which housed the Captains quarters, in the rear, and the wheel which is just visible in the center of the picture.  Forward of the wheel the Quarter deck was uncovered and open to the elements.

The channels, which extend out from the sides of the hull, are fitted with square holes through which will pass the chains used to support the lower deadeyes.  These deadeyes provide firm support for the shrouds which supported the lower masts.