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The Middle Deck

The middle deck was armed with 24 pound guns.  The ward room and cabins for the junior officers were located in the stern.  The galley was near the bow.  The entry ports, on each side of the ship, were located on this deck.

Here we see one of the capstans on the middle deck as well as ladders to the gun deck below and the hole through which the main mast was lowered to it's step on the keel.  The knees, deck beams and carlings supporting the upper deck cover the surface of the picture.

A view of the upper deck beams and carlings looking aft.  This picture also shows how the sides of the ship became narrower on the upper decks to keep the weight of the guns closer to the center of the ship at each higher deck.


                           The Model                                                                                        The Ship

To the left is a view of the main capstan on the middle deck of the completed model.  This image was taken through a gun port using a bore scope.  The image on the right is the forward capstan on the Middle deck.


This is the entry port on the starboard side of the model. 

Looking aft along the middle deck we see the step of the bowsprit and the galley which was used to cook meals for over 800 men on the ship.  Each gun crew had one person responsible for their mess.  He would go to the galley and get the food allotted to his crew and return their station where that food was shared.

This stove was used to cook all food on the ship.  It had a large stone floored area at the back for the fire.  Large pots would be hung over the fire to boil, in most cases, salt beef.  There was a crank powered spit (see chain at rear of picture) that could be used to roast fresh meat when it was available.  The copper tube was a condenser that could be used to distil small quantities of water.  The main water supply, food, rum and the ever popular grog was stored in barrels kept in the hold and managed by the ship's purser.

The image at the right is of the galley stove in the completed model.  It was taken using a bore scope through a gun port using lighting within the model.