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This figurehead was fitted during the ship's major repair between 1801 and 1803. 

The design comprises two cupids supporting the royal coat of arms surmounted with the royal crown. The arms bear the Latin inscription of the Order of the Garter: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. Translated this means: Shame to him who evil thinks. The banner below the coat of arms bears the French inscription of the Prince of Wales motto: Dieu Et Mon Droit.  This is translated to mean : God and my (Birth) right.  At the time of George III, the royal coat of arms still included the escutcheon of Hanover. This is clearly evident by the white horse and Hanoverian crown at the centre. Each cupid wears a coloured sash: the starboard figure, blue; the port figure, red. These colours indicate that the two figures represent a Seraphim (red) which relates to the highest order of angels representing love of God, and a Cherubim (blue) which relates to the second order of angels representing wisdom.