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David's models

Frigata Espanol.  Currently being restored

The model as it looked when I purchased it.


In this image the restorations to the hull, masts and yards are complete.  All of the rigging lines are fastened to
their point of origin and waiting to be belayed.

Dimensions:  L- 33"     W- 9"     H- 24 1/2


Cutty Sark.  Rigging to be restored

This model will have to be place on a table outside of you display cases.

Dimensions:    L- 53"   W- 18"    H- 32"


Halifax.  Shown as "After the battle"

The write-up associated with this model will describe battle techniques and the type of shot used.

Dimensions:    L- 22"    W- 6 1/2"      H- 18"


Bluenose I

This model was originally built from a kit but everything from the deck up was removed then all of those components
scratch built to create a truly accurate reproduction of the original ship.

Dimensions:   L- 33"     W- 4 1/2 "    H- 29"


Phil's model

Andrea Gail

This model is currently being built and will be ready for your exhibit.

Dimensions:  Not available


Paul's model


This model is exquisite.  The hull, aircraft, superstructure, guns and other fittings are hand carved.

Dimensions:    L- 24"


Mike's models

All of Mike's models are outstanding in their detail and accuracy in depicting the original vessel.

Louis St Laurent, Canadian Coast Guard

Dimensions:    L- 15 1/2"       W- 7"       H- 7 1/2"


Saga Ruby


A model of the QE II will be substituted for this model but if you want the Saga Ruby as well it can probably be arranged.

Dimensions:         L- 25 3/4"     W- 6 1/2"     H- 9 3/4"   



Dimensions:         L- 34"     W- 8"     H- 11"   


BC Ferry

Dimensions:    L- 24"    W- 6 1/2"     H- 7"


Doug's boat.

This is the second large model that will need a table and location outside of the display case.  A picture of it and
other information is not yet available

Dimensions:   Unavailable


John's boats

John does ships-in-bottles which are very impressive.  He expects to have three of them in your exhibit but pictures are not
available at this time.  For planning purposes they will fit on one self that is 12" from the shelf above.